A new coordinator for Selwyn Timebank

We are happy to announce that we now have a new coordinator for Selwyn Timebank. After a rigourous selection procedure we have recruited Liz Clingan from Doyleston to fill in for Thea while she is overseas till the end of the year. Liz is bringing a wealth of experience with marketing, administration, networking and event organising and will be a great addition to our team. Liz is keen to develop our community in the Leeston area, and also giving a hand in the Lincoln-Rolleston area. You will have a chance to meet Liz at one of our events.

Welcome Liz! 

Thank you,

I am excited to get started in my new role of coordinator, I will be out and about meeting people over the next few weeks. As I live in the Leeston area, I am keen to gain interest from new members in the Leeston/Southbridge area. I will be organising an information meeting for the Leeston area but I will be about in all other areas and look forward to meeting members- new and old.

Liz Clingan